Did someone say free subdomains?

We understand people want somewhere to put their awesome projects, so this is where we come in! We provide free .haw.tf subdomains and DNS hosting.


In many discord servers I'm in we have an emoji (Emote) called hawtf, it is a cat looking a bit disapproving as if to say, 'What the heck?'. It was a not so sunny british morning when everyone was talking about domain names, and someone suggested haw.tf

Of course, I was checking these domains, and when haw.tf came up. I thought, there where many possibilities for it. But then I though, 'Subdomain registry' and here we are.

It was created to help at least some people and to provide some subdomains, just to be an addition to the ever expanding boundaries of the internet.

how-to haw.tf

The process is a bit complicated, but all you need to know, is what is on the page https://haw.tf/guide.

Contact us

Talk to us? Something up with our service? Want to say hi? Email admin@haw.tf or hang@hn.fyi, we respond to all queries no matter what they are about!

When contacting bare in mind the fact that, 
1) Everyone has to sleep at some point (Open 7AM-8AM then 5PM-9PM [Weekdays] and 8AM-4PM on Weekends)
2) We have a lot of other projects to complete whilst working on haw.tf


haw.tf NIC Would not be possible without the help of many: (In no order)

- Naman Vrati - https://namanvrati.cf - Good value WHMCS
- FreedomNIC - https://freedomnic.net - PowerDNS idea
- TreeTopHost - https://treetophost.com - Integration & WHMCS
- Everyone at digitalzero - http://digitalzero.cf - Inspiration.